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Inspect Real Estate is a global software company that specialises in tech solutions for the real estate industry. From booking inspections, managing applications, tracking keys and many other time-saving products designed to streamline an agent and property manager’s daily tasks.

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Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

Business Development – Real Estate Lead Generation

Automatically captures new leads, identifies investors, customizes campaigns, automates reminders and follow-up Learn More

Rent – Enquiry Management Software

Rents your properties faster. Automates your inspection bookings, tenant communications, inspection schedules and applications Learn More

Online Tenancy Application Form

Say goodbye to incomplete tenancy applications and chasing tenants for missing information with 2Apply Learn More

Key Management System for Property Management

An innovative hardware-software solution to managing keys, identifies missing keys, real-time reconciliation, alerts for stolen keys Learn More

Utility Connection Service

Automated, time-saving utility connection service, receive communications 24/7 without any extra work Learn More

Applications killing you?

Is your agency swamped with incomplete tenancy applications? Register your details to find out how 2Apply can solve your ‘missing pieces’ problem.

Real Estate Agency Software

Communicate Better

There’s nothing worse than waking up to an inbox full of emails. We make software for property management that automates communications without making you sound like a robot. This means you won’t have to worry about replying to 100 emails, or risk looking like you don’t care about an enquiry.

Communicate Better

Use Data to Your Advantage

Whether you want to reduce vacancy rates, find more sellers, or decide where to direct your agency’s marketing efforts, we can help. Our robust reporting features help agents and property managers work more effectively

Use Data To Your Advantage

Property Management Platform & Rental Property Management Solution

Find out why we’re the preferred software provider for real estate agencies in Australia, NewZealand and the United Kingdom

Enquiries Processed

Enquiries Processed

Trusted by all the major real estate sites in Australia and New Zealand, we know what we’re doing

1form Agent


We’re the only application system that can handle applications from all the major providers including 2Apply, 1form, Ignite and Tenant Options

Australian Agents

Agents & Counting

More and more agents across Australia and New Zealand are discovering the amazing benefits of our products.

47% Booked After Hours

47% Booked After Hours

With automated bookings and communications, you can close the office for the night without closing your business.

Real Estate Leads

Hot Leads

Agents and property managers across Australia are benefiting from the proven lead generation features in our software.

Australian Property Booking

Viewings Booked

With more and more buyers and renters using the book in button on your website you get more and more data.

Solutions for Agents & Landlords

property management software

Genrate Leads

IRE BDM offers a welcome solution to the age-old lead generation problem. Automatically capture new business leads and convert them to clients with ease.

  • Keyword tagging
  • Newsletter templates
  • Email delay
  • Status updates
property management

Manage enquiries.
Reduce vacancy rates.

ROL Rentals helps property managers by automating inspection booking, tenant communications, inspection schedules and applications.

  • Set Calendars
  • Capture bookings
  • CRM integration
  • Branded messaging
Track Keys

Track Keys.
Eliminate uncertainty.

KeyTracker takes the hassle out of tracking your keys. With KeyTracker in place at your agency, you’ll save an enormous amount of time and enjoy painless reconciliations.

  • Easy CSV import
  • Key reservations
  • Barcode generator
  • Search log
Landlord software

Take all the trouble out of managing maintenance

  • IRE’s latest product
  • Handles time-consuming tasks such as chasing quotes, tracking tradies and updating owners
  • Designed by property managers for property managers

50,000+ work orders already processed

We Have Proudly Helped Thousands of Top Real Estate Agencies in Australia

Australian Agents & Property Managers Love Us

Thousands of sales agents, property managers, BDMs, tenants, buyers and sellers are benefiting from our products every day. Hear what some of them have to say about InspectRealEstate.

IRE saves our staff lots of time in arranging appointments and gives our customers instant service 24 hours a day

Love this program, it makes life easy, viewings a breeze, and it also ensures we never miss a lead or a rental enquiry. Brilliant.

Probably the best software tool ever created for property managers. The amount of time that this will give back to your team is invaluable. I would recommend every property management business to use IRE.

Amazing software really takes the stress out of booking inspections

Such an amazing product, i can’t imagine leasing properties without it. Support is also great and they are constantly improving and developing new features. Anyone in real estate should check this out.

Time saving, less email traffic, fewer days vacant & days on market, mobile app is great for opens and reports are fantastic – LOVE IT

Inspect Real Estate has been a game changer in our business. It has taken control of the way our large property management office captures tenant enquiries, totally organises our inspection schedules, and acts as the conduit to fully communicate the process to both our customers and our entire team. Not only that, our property owners enjoy the benefit of receiving very detailed weekly inspection reports and being included in the process. It’s nearly three years since we embraced IRE, and it has been an impressive marriage on so many levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

✓ Manage Enquiries ✓ Grow Rent Roll ✓ Grow Your Business ✓ Manage Applications

Grow your property business with IRE’s proprietary prop-tech software.
Used by the top property management & agencies in Australia.

IRE’s property management software has developed from 60+ years of Australia specific real estate best practice.
It’s comprehensive, easy to use, and created by property managers, for property managers and agents.

IRE takes the guesswork out of your real estate business by having the:

  • software streamline your lead acquisition & delivery workflow;
  • automate tedious tasks;
  • instantly reply to potential tenants and landlords 24/7 (using 40+ proven templates);
  • remember critical dates (like when lease agreements are due to be renewed).

And depending on the solution module you select, it can be configured to:

  • Capture hot leads from different portals and websites;
  • Help with calendar bookings for inspections and open houses;
  • Send Investor Newsletters to help with landlord acquisitions;
  • Help you qualify if a tenant is a good fit or not (rental history checks);
  • Keep track of keys (who has them, when they are due back).

Our solution is perfect for the savvy business owner who wants to leverage today’s prop-tech for tomorrow’s growth.

InspectRealEstate is an Australian-based software company that loves to help property people with their great prop-tech solutions. Our products address the day-to-day frustrations encountered in the property industry and are designed to help users save time and be more productive.

They simplify and streamline repetitive, but necessary, tasks so that you can focus on customer service and renting properties faster. Since 2011, IRE has grown from two team members – founders Andrew Reece and Mike van Raders – to more than 150.

We have assisted more than 95 million property enquiries on behalf of about 3,000 agents in every Australian state.

The IRE platform:

  • provides customised, tailored responses 24/7 to enquiries from all major portals
  • allows prospective tenants to research properties, book inspections and fill in applications – at whatever time suits them
  • coordinates inspection times with multiple property seekers with ease improves your ability to properly assess applicants on behalf of your landlords
  • tracks enquiries from prospective buyers and landlords
  • reduces the amount of time spent on phone calls and emails from frustrated tenants
  • produces detailed reports about your agency’s performance
  • tracks multiple sets of keys for each property, ensuring they are always in the right place at the right time.

With IRE, you will:

  • Rent or sell properties faster
  • Find suitable tenants and buyers sooner
  • Save time.

Our software has been created specifically for Australian Property Managers and Agents who:

  • are tired of manual paper-pushing;
  • want a competitive advantage over other real estate businesses in their area;
  • want to increase efficiencies in the business;
  • reduce operational, compliance and legal risk;
  • want property management apps Australia;
  • ensure that their team follows all the steps without missing anything;
  • increase Landlord and Tenant satisfaction with friendly and prompt responses;
  • reduce work with automation so that you can do more with less;
  • wish to take advantage of the latest online cloud and property technology solutions.

IRE integrates with leading property CRMs.

Our leading software has been designed to solve pain points for property managers and agents. 

We’ve designed our software to either solve ‘specific’ problems or be a one-stop-shop end-to-end solution, supporting property managers at virtually all steps of the process.

Here is what our software can do for you:


  • Acquisition workflow that has been optimised for the Australian Real Estate market;
  • Help you find potential Investors / Landlords from your CRM;
  • Capture leads from all popular portals like and;
  • Respond to SMS and Email enquiries with 40+ pre-written and tested responses;
  • Provide Analytics and tracking of new Landlord opportunities;
  • Update all important persons on calendar appointments.


  • White labelled solution (put your brand on our solution);
  • Automatically generated for properties on your rent roll;
  • A mini website to show the property details;
  • A property-specific page to share with potential tenants, agents and get/book inspections;
  • Shareable on social media and SMS.


  • Enquiry management solution (that takes the hard work out of the process)
  • Property inspection and booking scheduling software
  • Book inspections for potential Tenants
  • Handles enquiry management through to application processing
  • Workflow management
  • Rental Management Software

2APPLY “One application for all”


  • Help new Tenants connect their utilities
  • Increase conversion rates on connections

KEYWHERE – Physical Key management solution

  • RFID solution with visual cues and apps
  • Software that tells you where your keys are
  • Tracking for who has your keys
  • Updates on when they are due back
  • Seamless integration into ROL RENTALS


Please talk to an account manager to learn more

IRE’s solutions provide an easier way for agents to liaise with landlords and keep them up to date with regard to managing their investment property.

ROLRentals – Enquiry Management
2Apply – Online Tenancy Application Form
Maintenance Tracker
Move Me In – Increase connection Conversion rate
Move Me Out
KeyWhere – Physical Key Management Solution
ROL Sales

IRE’s solutions have been designed and built by former property managers who have been working in RE for decades. We’ve taken all those diy learnings to create an Australian property technology company that makes software, apps, commercial tools, free tools and cloud-based solutions for the Australian property management and rental property market.

Yes. We have ROL Rentals. It helps by automating inspection bookings, tenant communications, inspection schedules and applications.

We have also developed a rent collection and rent software solution to deal with financial transactions and disbursements.

IRE is used by about 3,000 agencies in Australia including Remax, Barry Plant, Raine & Horne, PRD Real Estate, Edge Realty, Iron Fish, Phillip Webb, Commercial and McGrath.

We have thousands of happy agents using our software. See our online reviews from happy PMs, DIY landlord and agents throughout Australia.

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Please speak to an account manager so that we can better understand your needs and situation.
We’ll be happy to provide a Live Demo to show you how our solutions can help you.

Book a consultation with one of our experts. We’ll be glad to demonstrate our entire solution and determine a fit between your property business and our software.

Property Management Software & Leadership


“One of the things that really struck me as truly unique and very special about the Prorentals story is how much the owners inspired their team to develop their own wings so they could eventually fly on their own” Lee Woodward 

In writing this book, Lee Woodward interviewed Andrew and many former Prorentals team members, as well as other industry greats like Rose Kelly, Jason Rose and Chris Rolls to offer various prospectives on the journey, including the revealing inside story. The book is also interspersed with ‘Text and you shall receive’ prompts for immediate access to various tools and resources.

   “It is my hope that this book encourages you to be the best you can be in your own business journey. And if this book inspires you to build a property management business, then that will be the greatest reward I could wish for. The opportunities and rewards are endless for those with the passion and drive to succeed.” Andrew Reece

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