The 14 Best Property Management Software Systems features in Australia

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Investors and real estate property owners require the expertise of property managers because renting out a property is not just about finding the right tenant. 

Property managers perform some of the most complicated and challenging tasks on behalf of investors, property owners and renters. Thankfully, property management software systems can simplify some of these complex endeavours.

Let’s look at how features offered as a part of InspectRealEstate’s IRE property management software system can help real estate professionals and property managers in their day-to-day tasks, and help improve their work flows.

1. Real Estate Lead Generation

Some real estate agencies fail to generate a sufficient number of leads to help grow their rent roll; on the other hand, certain agencies receive too many – but don’t know what to do with them. Result? The leads go cold and the data becomes irrelevant in less than a week.

IRE One is the perfect solution for both. 

With IRE One’s complete property management system, you can generate more leads. Plus, the software includes a structured tracking process to manage leads and follow up – no matter how many leads you receive. 

For years, property managers have been searching for a solution that can help gather and nurture leads and enquiries from various sources. And IRE One’s business development features do precisely that! The software can collect relevant data from real estate portals, websites, emails and social media channels. Plus, the keyword tagging feature sends alerts whenever real estate investors enquire about properties your agency handles. 

The software automatically notifies stakeholders like referrers and business development managers about leads and status changes via email and SMS. 

With IRE One, lead generation and management has never been so easy.

You may be a property manager, real estate agent, or professional in property leasing and management in Australia. Why not fill in our enquiry form and book a consultation? Then, let our experts conduct a lead funnel analysis and suggest how IRE One can help you get better quality leads.

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2. A Helping Hand For Enquiry Management

Enquiry management is one of the most crucial tasks in any real estate agency, and particularly in property management.  The list of tasks involved in efficient enquiry management includes:

  • Scheduling inspection bookings
  • Arranging open-home inspections
  • Communicating with current tenants/renters
  • Sending follow-up messages to prospects/applicants
  • Liaising with landlords regarding the level of enquiries and interest.

With IRE One, you can automate these tasks. 

The enquiry management feature of IRE One (part of our ROL Rentals product) can integrate with real estate portals. It allows users to book an inspection with just a single click. No worries, bookings are automatically captured and arranged according to the days and times you are available. With our specialised diary co-ordination feature, your inspections are sorted, even down to the quickest route to take between inspections.

You can even program our Australian property management software to send entry notices to current property occupiers in state-specified formats. So they will always know about the inspection ahead of time. 

IRE One integrates with most CRMs making life easier and allowing you to lease more properties sooner.

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3. Save Time On Screening and Assessing Applicants

You want to find the best tenants for your clients (the property owners) as quickly as you can – because empty properties mean lost rent and lost income.’

So conducting background checks and validating an applicant’s identification information quickly is vital. 

Collating reference checks, court history checks, bankruptcy checks, rental-blacklist checks and other background details can be time-consuming and complex. As is cross-checking multiple databases. And this is where an Equifax NTD background check becomes worthwhile. 

Property managers and agents can use IRE One’s customisable online digital application form, 2Apply, to get a tenant-check report from Equifax.

The easy-to-understand national tenancy database report contains details for a series of background checks. 

With these checks, agents can ensure they secure quality tenants for all their rental properties.

Learn more about Online tenant application form 2apply

4. Physical Key Management Becomes Easy

Do managers at any of your properties still use books or other paper-based records for key management? Creating and retrieving information from such documents can be annoying. 

What if one of your tenants lost their keys and your management misplaced the extra ones? What if the property leasing team fails to find the keys for a routine inspection? Agents or sales reps might forget to return the keys after visiting the property. Now, can paper-based records be of any assistance in these circumstances? No.

What will be of assistance is IRE One’s unique combination of hardware and software that can help keep keys under control. 

The KeyWhere system includes a smart, interactive key panel and a mobile app. 

The intelligent panel has colour coded lights to indicate missing keys, overdue keys, booked keys, and even the ones that your team requires during the next few days. 

The dashboard is user-friendly. 

Whether the user is a tenant, a salesperson, a manager or a tradie, KeyWhere can record the status of every key, whether it has been booked out or not. And best of all, information gets updated on a real-time basis, so you can instantly reconcile your keys.

The software automatically sends reminders via SMS and email to individuals with overdue keys. It increases the organisational efficiency because no one wastes time looking for misplaced or lost keys.

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5. Helping Tenants Get Utilities Services Up And Running

Utility connections – including electricity, gas and internet – are crucial to every renter who moves in to a new property.

But as every Aussie renter will know, sometimes there can be hassles involved in arranging your electricity, gas, TV, phone, broadband, water and even insurance at a new property.

Thankfully, Move Me In takes the hassle out of moving into a property – and IRE One integrates with Move Me In. 

Move Me In works with most suppliers and offers competitive deals. 

Tenants can compare their options and choose the most beneficial product. Further, it’s so easy using Move Me In – once a tenant provides their consent, finalising your utilities connections can be done in just minutes.

No longer will property managers have to waste time filling out consent  declarations or reference forms. Likewise, tenants don’t have to run from pillar to post for the paperwork.

You will save time, and tenants can have all the services up and running even before shifting. 

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6. Say Goodbye To Incomplete Tenancy Application Forms

Missing information in tenancy applications can result in a considerable waste of time. However, with IRE One working for you, there is no need to worry about missing data or incomplete forms. 

Why? Well, the IRE product suite retrieves all the information through its 2Apply application form and presents accurate pre-filled forms to property managers. 

Your property managers or agents won’t have to make phone calls, send emails, or reject a quality tenancy application due to a lack of information. 

With IRE One, they can also access Equifax’s National Tenancy Database (NTD) and complete reference checks. 

The system supports white-labelling features. Thus, your organisation can even customise the application form.

With IRE One, you get the information you need to assess an application for a rental property and make a recommendation to the property owner.

7. Automating Your Property Listings

Managing your property listings, such as updating and advertising, can be time-consuming. Plus, there is always a lot of scope for errors, including information mismatch. 

Is there a way to automate these repetitive tasks? Yes, there is. 

As the name suggests, IRE One’s Uploader feature enables property managers to list and update properties automatically. You can check the list of portals for listing, then update properties and get the job done within minutes. 

You can also share exclusive property features, details, and images specifically with users of TenantApp, one of Australia’s best mobile apps for rental properties. 

Rentals and sales enquiries received on various portals are directed to IRE. So, inspections can be scheduled and followed up accordingly. 

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8. Ensuring Timely Lease Renewals

Does your property management agency oversee multiple properties with hundreds of tenants? And are you still using spreadsheet-based records to help you manage those properties? 

If you are a company that uses spreadsheets, you have probably faced the consequences of missing out on timely lease renewal at least once. 

This is a sure way to upset your property owners – lost rental fees. 

No worries – IRE One’s LeaseTracker feature can help streamline leasing records. You can even import the details for the property, owners and tenants from any third-party system. 

Thanks to the templates within the system, you can create and send lease renewal notices well in advance. Most importantly, the system auto-populates lease agreements due to its integration with REI, Realworks and ADL software. 

If the property occupant decides not to renew the lease, the system tags the customer for VacateTracker follow-up.  

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9. Handling Maintenance Issues Promptly

Property managers face multiple challenges, one of which is managing maintenance activities. When it comes to rental properties, managers spend considerable time on maintenance issues.

Whether it is a broken cupboard door or a leaky tap, simple problems can pile up rapidly. So, the best way is to handle issues promptly. 

IRE One’s Maintenance Tracker feature helps streamline communication between tradies, owners, property managers and tenants.

Owners and managers can get quotes from tradespeople, choose a good deal, approve the work, and check the status of every maintenance request. 

Property managers can raise a ticket for maintenance tasks during routine inspections via the mobile app. 

Your managers won’t have to compromise on maintenance due to a lack of time, information, and network.

Learn about our Maintenance tracker management software 

10. Help Tenants In Smoothly Accomplishing The Vacate Process

Everyone is always worried about the first impression, but can we ignore the last? Why not help tenants and offer a great experience throughout the vacate process?

Which tenants are vacating, and on what date? You would expect a great property management software platform to offer something more than mere dates. No worries. 

You can set IRE One’s VacateTracker to pull data from a trust accounting system or IRE. So, property and tenant details will automatically populate. This is the best way to communicate with tenants scheduled to vacate the property. 

The system allows you to send automatically a notice to vacate in state-specific templates. Further, you can send follow-up messages to tenants via text, email, or our special MoveMeOut app. 

The system creates a checklist for cleaning, pre-vacate activities and final inspections. It automatically generates digital records for every step taken. 

MoveMeOut is yet another feature of IRE One that is designed to assist tenants. It is powered by VacateTracker and helps plan any move to a new property with helpful timelines. 

Agents and property managers can use the platform to assist tenants with cleaning checklists. Besides cleaning professionals, the dashboard lets your tenants book a removalist. Further, they can also hire a vehicle or trailer. Lastly, they can claim the bond back using the same app. 

Learn about Move Me Out

11. Let Us Select Trustworthy Tenants

These days, a considerable number of prospects view property details and book inspections online. And TenantApp is ahead in the race. 

Property managers trust TenantApp for listing their Early Bird properties. More than 2000 agencies in Australia and the UK are already using TenantApp. And best of all – property seekers can access TenantApp’s features for free. 

Users consider it a sure-fire tool for finding a suitable rental property. 

Registration requires two-factor authentication, helping to minimise misuse and attract quality tenants to an inspection. 

Tenants can choose a suitable slot for a visit to the property. In addition, users receive auto-reminders and alerts for their scheduled inspections. So you won’t have to make follow-up calls. 

Plus, tenants also use the property rating system to offer feedback to owners post property visit. 

Overall, TenantApp ensures seamless tenant-agent interaction.

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12. IRE One Can Simplify Life For Agents

We all know that real estate agents involved in selling properties have a slightly different set of requirements to property managers. But that’s no issue for IRE One’s Agent App.

Besides creating inspections, Agent App has several other features like:

  • Sending and receiving documents
  • Checking-in buyers 
  • Identifying future sellers
  • Synchronising data with an agency’s CRM
  • Managing communication with buyers and sellers 
  • Inviting property sellers to book inspections
  • Filling up forms and passing probable leads to sales.

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13. Reach Out To Great Prospective Tenants With Early Bird Alerts

The real estate market is hot in Australia and New Zealand.

As a property manager, you certainly want your properties to rent first and faster. 

So why not start promoting your properties to IRE’s unique database of genuine home seekers? Why go elsewhere to find individuals seeking an Australian property for a rental?

New-to-market listings have great potential if presented to the right set of property seekers. Early Bird Alerts offer a great opportunity to do so. 

Inspect Real Estate enables you to present your upcoming new listings directly to TenantApp users who opt in.

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14. One Subscription For All Operations

Many property management firms and real estate agencies have multiple software systems in place – some as many as 10!

These systems perform thousands of different tasks and functions. And they also cost thousands of dollars in subscription and usage fees.

So why not go with IRE One – one system, where everything is in one place, and you only pay one subscription.

IRE One – the name may sound familiar. Well, that’s because IRE has been operating its property management software in Australia for more than 10 years.  IRE is not new – but IRE One is the first comprehensive cloud-based property management software system on the market.

The suite of products that comprise IRE One offers workflow tools for almost every aspect of property management. Altogether, these platforms have handled more than 120 million enquiries. 

IRE has been developing software programs for the real estate industry for the last decade. All our software solutions are highly flexible and can be tweaked to suit your needs.  

Are you worried about integrations? IRE One integrates with most real estate accounting systems and other software crucial for property management.  

Is your property management team interested to learn more about other vital features that can grow your business? 

These enterprise-grade automation tools simplify life for property managers. So, book an appointment with our specialists and find out more about IRE One.

Book a consultation below to start enjoying all the above features.

Updated 14/05/2023

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