10 Tips to gather more leads & secure more managements using IRE BDM by Deniz Yusuf (BDM Coach)


Deniz Yusuf of BDM Coach gives his 10 top tips on how to get the most out of InspectRealEstate’s Business Development software: IRE BDM. Deniz is lending us his extensive experience in business development and growth coaching to assist you in gathering more leads from more places and secure more managements using IRE BDM.

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Tracking and Follow Up
  3. Reporting on performance
  4. Bonus Deniz tips
  5. Leverage your Sales Agents as Referrers using the link builder
  6. Expand your referral base, mortgage brokers, accountants, financial planners, stock brokers, tradespeople and create referral links for them
  7. Track your sources to find out what your most lucrative sources of new business is. Keep working the strengths and create as many sources as are required to track.
  8. Don’t be scared to pick up the phone. 80% of people might not return potential leads calls. Be in the 20%. Enter the notes of each call in IRE BDM
  9. Do a “customer service call” about a lead’s enquiry.  Find out what their experience has been so far if it was a sales property enquiry. Begin the conversation and start building a note history in the lead.
  10. Send IRE BDM Newsletters, “tap the lead on the shoulder”. 1 call every 4-6 weeks for the slower track.
  11. Track the leads coming in to the leads you are converting. How many appointments are you booking? Track the processes using your Dashboard and IRE BDM Monthly Report.
  12. Identify the correct systems and processes are in place. Do your research, find your points of difference versus those of your rivals. Find out how to improve. Use statistics to back you up, tools you use to lease properties faster.
  13. Send video texts, make it personal and make the owner feel like they have already met you leading up to your listing presentation. Practice Practice Practice.
  14. Get in front of your leads using social media. Get your lists of leads and target them online using Facebook ads through IRE BDM. Use Facebook and Google Pixel to track and gather more data about your leads.