Welcome to IRE’s Rent Projector.

Rent Projector is a free feature of ROL Rentals that assist you in predicting the rent, the lease renewals and new listings.

There are thousands of properties flowing through the IRE system, and with the magic of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our software can crunch all that data in real-time, to help create more timely and accurate CMAs and reports to help predict the rent.

Rent Projector is simple to use. You nominate the search criteria, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms for your title property, then our property management software will do the rest. To make things even more accurate, we can extract information from the property descriptions and even the listing photos. From here, the software analyzes your property’s data to identify comparable properties. These comparable properties are then split into three groups, based on the condition of their properties.

All you have to do is choose the group most relevant to your type of property and then select the specific properties from that group to include in your report. Add your own comments and renter recommendations, and then present the report to your landlords. I guarantee they’ll be impressed, not just by the report, but by the more accurate rent predictions because you’re comparing more data points and more rental information.

RentProjector is already activated on your account by default, but if you’d like to either opt-out or would like more information, please get in contact with your account manager today.