Staying Safe Online

Whether you’re on your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, securing your information is vitally important.  At InspectRealEstate, we’re constantly updating our systems to ensure that we stay ahead of potential cyber-attacks.  There are, however, things that you can do as a user to ensure that your information, and the information of your clients, remains protected.

In this section of our site you will find tips on how to secure your devices, create strong passwords, and avoid phishing attacks to keep you safe online.

  • ❌ Avoid using your “usual” password. Consider using a password manager to create unique passwords for each site.
  • ❌ Do not divulge any personal information on the request of an unexpected email.
  • ❌ Do not trust links or attachments in an unsolicited email
  • ✔️ Hover your mouse over a link to see its true destination – an odd looking web address or URL can be a red flag.
  • ✔️ Type out a web address manually or use your own bookmarks rather than following a link in an unsolicited email

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If you believe your InspectRealEstate account has been compromised, or there has been unauthorised access to your data, please contact our security officer on the details below as soon as possible.
+61 499 600 260

Last Updated 7/01/2020