Our 2021 Year in Review

As we tie the final bows on a more than eventful 2021, let's take a look back on some of our incredible achievements from the past year.

Be ready for 2022 with InspectRealEstate

a survey of 854 property managers conducted by Equifax and InspectRealEstate in November 2021 found that almost 62% expect the volume of rental applications to increase in 2022. What does that mean for property managers?

PMS Software Product Selection Guide

Have you heard the term “PMS software” before? There are many other names for it, but one of the most common is property management system software. Basically, it helps you and your entire team with day-to-day tasks, right from letting, scheduling inspections, customer communications, applications, to tracking property maintenance.

How to Build Harmonious Relationships with Your Tenants

It might not be the first thing on your mind when you find a new tenant, but the enduring relationship you have with your tenants can have a huge impact on your property management.

Use Meeting Agenda For All New Listing Presentations

A sure-fire way to impress new clients as well as maximise your precious time is to prepare a detailed agenda for meetings.

Wearing Your Name Badge All The Time Can Generate Business

Your name badge identifies both you and your business – and represents a simple but subtle way of communicating with potential clients.

7 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Office Should Have A Key Tracking System

No more misplacing keys, no more guessing where you last had your keys! Help your business save time and money by having a simple and smart key tracking system, so that you can quickly locate your keys and go!

Use The Hard-to-Rent Checklist

Even though it is the peak time of the year for renting properties, some properties may still be sticky when it comes to finding a new tenant fast.

Easily Remember Where You Parked Your Car

As a property manager, you are constantly driving to lots of different properties and parking your car in many different places.

State Your Phone Number Twice When Leaving A Voice Mail Message

We recommend leaving your phone number twice at the start of a voice mail message to make it easy for the listener to obtain your number.